taaaaaaaaaaraaaaa ! sukantara -..-

on 18th April 2012, my college held Sukantara at SSP , we went there by bus .. err just walk actually -.-

it was started at 2.30pm until 5.00pm. ALL students need to join all the competition on that day

long jump
lontar peluru

my class A2 won the 3rd places. wow ! better than i had expected ! MUAHAHAHHAHAHHA :D for me,  as long as we had done the best and enjoyed ourselves on that day, that's the most precious thing! :)

frost sampai ke dahi ! -..-

 MAMA on that day ! :)

is it MAK a.k.a IBU ??? OOO-EMMM-GIIII -..- 

officially 'husband' and wife -..-

 frosties ! :e

 ........ ( no caption,no comment,please scroll down as soon as possible,tqvm)

 GELEK & KELAK with Usharani :P

at the end of the day, one of the frosties lost her head. LOL

thats all, babaiii :)


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