pet !

heyyoo ! its pet ! :) so at the top of the list is --->

CAT !! :)

when I was 5-years-old,I had Ciko, a white cat with green eyes ! but its die after having a 'world-war-3' with a snake .. my papa said it was a cobra ! RIP My Love Ciko -.-

after that, our family started to own a few cats, which is Cik Tih, Belang , Ching  bla..bla..blaaaaaaaaa


last year when I was at Unisza, i had a cat name Koben :)

on my last day at Unisza, i'm calling her name like usually, but she's didnt came :(
hope she will be fine there ...

and on July,2011 i got something from my grandma and my aunt,
they give me a kitten, i called him Pong !

 the first photo i sent to my sister! she was at Sarawak, and she was as excited as me !!! yeayhhhh!!

 Mr.Naughty, Mr.Playful, Mr.Handsome ... bla..blaa..blaa :p hehehhee

actually, a few days later, my grandma died. Pong was the last thing i got from her -.-

when he's sick :(
a PEACE from me ^^v hehe

hey you! yes you the one in the picture ! you know how much i miss you & love you!
ouhhh..i can't wait to meet u this coming holiday ! :)
take care Pong Handsome :)


my family @ usrati @ keluarga saya :)

meet Mr.Cool and Mrs.Fierce :p hahaha !!! :)
my Papa, Hj. Razali Jamil and my mummy Hjh Che Aishah Che Ali

and here is my boyfriends and girlfriend :) 

1st, Shaharul Faizal @ Abe Ja @ 'norman hakim' :p :)

2nd-Shaharul Farzul @ Abe Jue @ :)

 3rd, Shaharul Fazlan @ Abe Lan @ 'jun-sang' :p :)

4th-Siti Fatihah @ Kak Ah @ Pregnant Mama :p hehe

 5th-Shaharul Fikri @ Abe :)

6th- its me !! Siti Fathirah @ Adik :P muehehehehhehehehehehhehehehhhehe
although i'm already 19, my family still call me 'adik' :)
longgggggg time ago, they tried to call me something else like 'kakak' , but its didnt sound as good as ADIK !

to summarize,


taaaaaaaaaaraaaaa ! sukantara -..-

on 18th April 2012, my college held Sukantara at SSP , we went there by bus .. err just walk actually -.-

it was started at 2.30pm until 5.00pm. ALL students need to join all the competition on that day

long jump
lontar peluru

my class A2 won the 3rd places. wow ! better than i had expected ! MUAHAHAHHAHAHHA :D for me,  as long as we had done the best and enjoyed ourselves on that day, that's the most precious thing! :)

frost sampai ke dahi ! -..-

 MAMA on that day ! :)

is it MAK a.k.a IBU ??? OOO-EMMM-GIIII -..- 

officially 'husband' and wife -..-

 frosties ! :e

 ........ ( no caption,no comment,please scroll down as soon as possible,tqvm)

 GELEK & KELAK with Usharani :P

at the end of the day, one of the frosties lost her head. LOL

thats all, babaiii :)


favourite artists

olaaaaaaaaa :)
today im gonna talk about my favourite artists :)

1st *latest* , haha  :P
Carlos Pena - Big Time Rush

the shortest , the cutest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)BIG TIME RUSH

1st song that makes me fall in love with themmm :e :e :e

NAME : Carlos Roberto Pena, Jr.
D.O.B : 15 August 1989
P.O.B : Columbia, Missouri 
ORIGIN : Weston, Florida
OCCUPATIONS : Actor, Dancer Singer, Singwriter
YEAR ACTIVE : 2004-present

Pena was studying musical theater at the Boston Conservatory when his manager urged him to audition for Big Time Rush. Although he was reluctant to do so, he submitted an audition tape and won the role a month later.

WHY HIM ??? :D

  • i love his voice and all Big Time Rush songs :)
  • he is a funny, happy-go-lucky and talkative person
  • his wide dazzling smile always make me melt <3 hahaha :e


Donghae - Super Junior :)

NAME : Lee Dong-hae
D.O.B : 15 October 1986
P.O.B : Mokpo, Jeollanam, S.Korea
GENRES : Kpop, Jpop, dance, R&B
YEAR ACTIVE : 2005-present
LABELS : SM Entertainment


alohaaaaaaaaaa !

good 'mornight' !

it's 3.27am and here i am, in the dark, in front of nbook, listening to 'Merry Go Round' :)
with some SERANGGA KECIK play around at the screen. grrrrrrr -.-


actually, I'm knda person that

high mark                                           study (-.-) 

but insyaAllah
i will try my best to complete the task : make a blog

although i just copy EVERYTHING from my previous blog

muehehehhehehehehehhehe :D

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