favourite artists

olaaaaaaaaa :)
today im gonna talk about my favourite artists :)

1st *latest* , haha  :P
Carlos Pena - Big Time Rush

the shortest , the cutest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)BIG TIME RUSH

1st song that makes me fall in love with themmm :e :e :e

NAME : Carlos Roberto Pena, Jr.
D.O.B : 15 August 1989
P.O.B : Columbia, Missouri 
ORIGIN : Weston, Florida
OCCUPATIONS : Actor, Dancer Singer, Singwriter
YEAR ACTIVE : 2004-present

Pena was studying musical theater at the Boston Conservatory when his manager urged him to audition for Big Time Rush. Although he was reluctant to do so, he submitted an audition tape and won the role a month later.

WHY HIM ??? :D

  • i love his voice and all Big Time Rush songs :)
  • he is a funny, happy-go-lucky and talkative person
  • his wide dazzling smile always make me melt <3 hahaha :e


Donghae - Super Junior :)

NAME : Lee Dong-hae
D.O.B : 15 October 1986
P.O.B : Mokpo, Jeollanam, S.Korea
GENRES : Kpop, Jpop, dance, R&B
YEAR ACTIVE : 2005-present
LABELS : SM Entertainment


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