pet !

heyyoo ! its pet ! :) so at the top of the list is --->

CAT !! :)

when I was 5-years-old,I had Ciko, a white cat with green eyes ! but its die after having a 'world-war-3' with a snake .. my papa said it was a cobra ! RIP My Love Ciko -.-

after that, our family started to own a few cats, which is Cik Tih, Belang , Ching  bla..bla..blaaaaaaaaa


last year when I was at Unisza, i had a cat name Koben :)

on my last day at Unisza, i'm calling her name like usually, but she's didnt came :(
hope she will be fine there ...

and on July,2011 i got something from my grandma and my aunt,
they give me a kitten, i called him Pong !

 the first photo i sent to my sister! she was at Sarawak, and she was as excited as me !!! yeayhhhh!!

 Mr.Naughty, Mr.Playful, Mr.Handsome ... bla..blaa..blaa :p hehehhee

actually, a few days later, my grandma died. Pong was the last thing i got from her -.-

when he's sick :(
a PEACE from me ^^v hehe

hey you! yes you the one in the picture ! you know how much i miss you & love you!
ouhhh..i can't wait to meet u this coming holiday ! :)
take care Pong Handsome :)


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